Many years ago, Mzee Paunrana saw an opportunity to help coffee farmers increase yields with a fertilizer made of a naturally occurring mineral compound of calcium and magnesium. What he saw led to the creation of Athi River Mining Ltd (ARM), in 1974.

The company’s first product was called ‘Dolmax Agricultural Lime,’ and it was manufactured in a mill with the modest capacity of 500 kgs per hour. It wasn’t long before ARM was processing a range of industrial minerals for use in the manufacture of paint, rubber, glass, ceramics, plastics, soaps and detergents and cement.

As the demand grew so did the need for bigger and more sophisticated grinding technology. The two new grinding mills at the Company’s cement and clinker plant at Tanga now each produce 150 tones per hour. Through many changes, the Founder’s vision holds true today: Add value through processing and enhance the lives of all stakeholders.

The Company’s main goal is to deliver excellence in product quality and customer service. To achieve this goal requires a deep, unwavering commitment to communication, transparency, ethical behavior and teamwork. Whenever one is moving forward together, success takes care of itself. And the best and quickest way to succeed is to help others succeed.

To ensure quality and plant efficiencies are maintained, the Company has built a culture around the notion of supporting one another.

This support is expressed through activities such as on the job training, coaching, mentoring and community service. Excellence is having a winning attitude, and its benefits are widespread. It leads to customer satisfaction, improved job skills, long-term shareholder value. It can also make a sick mother better, send a poor child to university, and help heal a hurting planet.

Wilfred Murungi
Chairman - Non Executive Director

Wilfred Murungi is a qualified electrical engineer. He started his career with Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited before joining BAT where he held the position of Technical Director. In 1985 he started his own company Mastermind Tobacco. Mr. Wilfred Murungi serves on the Boards of Athi River Power Company Limited, Greenlands Agro producers Limited, NGM Company Limited, Continental Tobacco Group of Companies in Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania and Sudan, Nanyuki Ranching Limited, Ozzbeco Breweries (K) Ltd, Remu Limited (Microfinance Bank), Mitithiru Limited and Tobacco Commodities (Canada) Inc. He is the Chairman of the Chuka University College Council, and also a member of the National Economic and Social Council. He has also served on the Boards of Kenya Association of Manufacturers, Kenya Bureau of Standards and the Energy Regulatory Board. He was awarded the EBS (Elder of Burning Spear) decoration by the President of the Republic of Kenya in 2005. Eng. Murungi is on the Board of ARM CEMENT PLC (formerly Athi River Mining Ltd), Subsidiaries Mavuno Fertilizers Limited, ARM Energy Limited, ARM Tanzania Limited and Maweni Limestone Limited. He Chairs the Remuneration and Nomination Committee and is also a member of the Audit Committee of Athi River Mining Limited.

Pradeep H. Paunrana
Managing Director

Pradeep Paunrana is 52 years old and joined ARM CEMENT PLC (formerly Athi River Mining Ltd) in 1984 after graduating with an MBA from NYU Stem. As CEO of the business started by his father, Pradeep has public listed cement, industrial minerals and fertilizers company operating in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and South Africa. ARM ranks in the top 15 companies in East Africa by market capitalisation, and is growing rapidly through innovative products, world class technology, use of capital markets for growth capital, entrepreneurial corporate culture, and through talent developement in health, education and environment through the company funded Rhino Cement Foundation. ARM was recently voted the 4th in a recognised for its innovative products and use of locally available industrial minerals, and in 2010, Pradeep was awarded the Africa Business Leaders of Innovation by Africa Investor. Pradeep plays an active role in several Policy and Advocacy Institutions, and has chaired and participated in government led task forces in the energy, environment and agriculture sectors. He is a Board member of Kenya Association of Manufacturers, a Trustee of the Tree Biotechnology Trust, Chairman Nairobi Greenline Trust, and member of several charitable organisations.

Surendra Bhatia
Deputy Managing Director

Surendra Bhatia is a Chartered Engineer & holds an MBA from Bombay University. He was a University rank holder throughout engineering and topped Bombay University at the MBA examination. He is a member of Institution of Engineers and a registered engineer. Mr. Bhatia has worked in Engineering Markets for the last 25 years. A corporate planning and strategy specialist, he has worked with the Bahwan Group in the Middle East. He joined the Board in 2000 and brings extensive Senior Management, Project Management, Corporate Planning and Strategic Management experience in Asia, Middle East and Africa with him.

John Ngumi
Non Executive Director

John is one of Kenya's pioneer investment bankers. After graduating with a BA 1st Class Honours degree in Philosophy, Politics & Economics from the University of Oxford, England, he started on his banking career at National Westminster Bank, London, and has since worked variously for Grindlays Bank, Barclays Bank, Citibank and CfC Stanbic Bank/Standard Bank of South Africa. In between he also co-founded one of Africa's first indigenous investment banking groups, Loita Capital Partners. John left CfC Stanbic Bank last year upon his appointment by President Uhuru Kenyatta as non executive chair of the Board of Directors, Kenya Pipeline Company Limited. Throughout his career John has been involved in the development of the investment banking industry in Kenya, the wider East African market, and across Africa. During his tenure at CfC Stanbic Bank, John was responsible for the Kenya Eurobond issue. He has also frequently worked at the intersection between the public and private sectors, including being directly involved as a non-executive director or Board Chair in parastatals. John Ngumi joins the ARM Board as an independent director.

Aliya Shariff
Non Executive Director

Aliya is a Director of Investments at Kagiso Tiso Holdings a leading African investment holding company based in South Africa. She leads the firm’s international (ex-South Africa) investments. Over her career, Aliya has lived and worked on three continents, and led investments across a variety of sectors including financial services, healthcare, industrials, and infrastructure. Prior to her current role, Aliya worked with Africa Finance Corporation based in Lagos, and as a strategy consultant in Rwanda and the Caribbean. She is originally from Canada, and started her career in corporate research and advisory with CEB Inc (now Gartner) in Washington, DC. Aliya holds a Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University and a Master’s in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School.

Sofia Bianchi
Non Executive Director

Sofia Bianchi is the Founding Partner of Atlante Capital Partners, which specialises in investing in structurally undervalued businesses in emerging markets. Previously, she was Head of Special Situations at BlueCrest Capital Management. Sofia served as a Deputy Managing Director of the Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund with Standard Bank London. From 1994 to 2002 Sofia held senior positions with the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development. Prior to it where she was a member of Prudential - Bache global M&A advisory team. She has extensive experience in fund management, corporate restructuring and banking. Sofia maintains a number of directorships in listed and privately-held companies.

Rohit Anand
Non Executive Director

Rohit has over 11 years of experience investing in emerging markets across Asia and Africa. He has invested in sectors across infrastructure, telecoms, manufacturing, logistics and healthcare. He is currently responsible for the Industrial Businesses equity investments team covering manufacturing, real estate and logistics across South Asia and Africa. Prior to joining CDC, Rohit worked with IDFC Private Equity in Mumbai where he was part of a team managing c. $1.3bn focused on growth capital investments in infrastructure in India. Rohit started his career with Ernst & Young's corporate finance team in India. Rohit is a CFA charter holder, holds an MBA from Indian Institute of Management and a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from University of Delhi.

Konstantin Makarov
Non Executive Director

Konstantin has over fifteen years of experience in the financial markets in general and emerging markets in particular. He brings a holistic approach in addressing challenges facing companies operating in the emerging and frontier economies. He is responsible for launch of African practice and oversight of all sub-Saharan African and South East Asian transactions at StratLink Africa. Previously, he was directly responsible for market entry of US and CIS based companies into sub-Saharan Africa and has been involved in a wide scope of activity focusing on emerging economies in Africa and South East Asia. He holds a Master of Science in Risk Management from Stern School of Business, New York University and Amsterdam Institute of Finance and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

John Maonga
Company Secretary

Mr. Maonga, aged 57, has a B. A. Degree from University of Nairobi and is a Certified Public Secretary. He is a Member and Fellow of the Institute of Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya, a Member of the Institute of Directors, an Accredited Governance Auditor and has over 30 years of experience in Company Secretarial and Registration Services.

The Company recognizes that it processes minerals that are ultimately used as raw materials in the making of other things. Very important things, like cement for safe and durable homes and office buildings and chemicals for purifying drinking water, and fertilizers to increase crop yields and enhance taste and nutrition.

In fact, ARM produces the ingredients used to manufacture many products used in people’s daily lives, from chewing gum and nutrition supplements, soaps and detergents, footwear, even foam mattresses.

This is a huge responsibility, one that the Company takes very seriously. That’s why, at each stage of the manufacturing process, there is a system of checks to ensure specified quality standards are met or exceeded. When you’re in the business of improving people’s lives, it is essential quality be at the hear t of your business plan.

B-P, 32.5 R.

RX3 is composite cement, manufactured by inter-grinding high strength clinker, reactive natural pozzolana, and high purity gypsum. Clinker is the most critical component of composite cement and is responsible for strength and durability. RX3 is manufactured with a greater percentage of high strength clinker at the Company’s clinker plants at Kaloleni (Kenya), and Tanga (Tanzania).

RX3 is therefore designed to attain rapid early strength, and above 60% of the target 28 days strength within the first 7 days. The higher clinker content in RX3 also results in final strength well above the minimum 32.5 MPa standard requirement.

These proper ties of RX3 allow for faster construction of multi-story buildings and delivers excellent workability and strength of up to Class 30. For lighter concrete structures, masonry works and plastering, RX3 is versatile, offers flexibility and economy, combined with proven and consistent high strength.

RX4 is manufactured with high strength clinker and specifically engineered for structural concrete works where high strength concrete is critical. RX4 is designed for concrete up to Class 45 MPa, and has better workability and compatibility with water reducing additives, high early strength and superior durability.

RX4 is recommended for use in modern highrise buildings, roads, flyovers, bridges and other infrastructure construction.

RX4 provides brighter and smoother finishes in all concrete works and is preferred by manufacturers of precast cement blocks, paving blocks, tiles, reinforced pipes and other precast products.

RX4 is also available as per CEM II A – S 42.5 N where low heat of hydration is essential but without affecting strength or other proper ties of the cement. RX4 is available 50Kg bags and can be delivered to site in bulk tankers.

RX4S is manufactured with a precise combination of high strength clinker and highly reactive ground blast furnace slag (GBFS). This combination allows the silica in the GBFS to react with clinker and form ultra-high strength cement.

RX4S gives superior 28day strength compared to the normal 42.5 grade cement, and continues to increase in strength up to 60 MPa in 360 days. RX4S improves concrete slump, reduces heat of hydration, reduces creep and shrinkage, reduces permeability, improves resistance to chloride and sulphate attacks and significantly increases concrete durability.

RX4S is highly recommended for use in high strength concrete for harsh marine environments, ports and harbor projects, dams, canals, sewerage treatment and water storage tanks, concrete roads, bridges, and flyovers, heavy-duty retaining walls and underground tunnels. RX4S is manufactured to the highest international quality standards such as EN197-1:2000,JIS R 5211:2009, and to KS EAS 18-1:2001.

RX4S is available 50Kg bags and can be delivered to site in bulk tankers.

I, 52.5 N.

RX5 is ultra high strength cement manufactured with 98% special grade of clinker containing a high percentage of strength forming tricalcium and dicalcium silicates. RX5 is designed for use in all high strength concrete applications of class 50 MPa and higher, especially modern, very tall buildings with designs requiring very lean columns and wide spans. RX5 is recommended where ratio of concrete usage to built up floor area is below 0.75 cubic meter per square meter of built up area.

This cement is also ideal for use in self compacting precast concrete for manufacturing electric poles, railway sleepers, spun pipes, culverts and large slabs & panels, where aesthetic features and bright finish are desired. RX5 is also suitable for construction of concrete bridges, flyovers and other infrastructure projects where design specification requires very high strength concrete.

Concrete produced with RX5 requires less than 0.5% water reducing admixture for higher pumpable slump and easier placement.

RX5 is available 50Kg bags and can be delivered to site in bulk tankers.

Rhinofix tiling cement is specifically manufactured for professional tiling applications, and is available in various grades. Ideally suited for both small and large format tiles in ceramic, marble, granite, natural stone, porcelain and glass. Providing a permanent bond on organic and inorganic substrates, and in wet areas, such as swimming pools and bathrooms.

Manufactured to a consistently superior quality meeting EN 12004 :2007 and DIN 18156, under Permit of Kenya Bureau of Standards. Rhinofix is made with high strength RX4 cement, advanced polymer resins and admixtures for superior open time and workability, high adhesion, flexural and tensile strength.

Rhinofix tile adhesive is perfectly complimented by easy to apply stain resistant professional tile grouts, which come in a range of beautiful colors. Rhinofix tile adhesive is available in 20 kg bags, and Rhinofix tile grout in 3kg packs.

The Company produces a large range of industrial mineral products for use in the manufacturing industry. Minerals such as limestone, calcite, dolomite, feldspar, kaolin, gypsum, bentonite and barytes form an essential component of many industrial products.

Fine ground limestone is used to give rigidity to rubber shoes, tensile strength to PVC pipes, and as an extender in paints and printing inks.

Food grade ultrafine calcite is used to manufacture pharmaceuticals as well as chewing gum. Dolomite and feldspar are the main raw materials in manufacture of glass bottles, as well as ceramic tiles.

The Company also manufactures Sodium Silicate, used in manufacture of soaps and detergents, and as a flocculent in water treatment. Sodium silicate and industrial minerals are manufactured to customer specifications, and exported throughout Eastern and Central Africa.

Pure limestone is used to make many consumer and industrial products. At 950 degrees Celsius, limestone turns into Calcium Oxide, used in the gold, copper and other metallic ore mining industries to neutralize acidity, and in fluxing and smelting.

Calcium Oxide, when converted to hydrated lime, is used in sugar processing, water and industrial effluent treatment, pulp and paper bleaching, leather tanning, soil acidity correction. It is used in soil stabilization and road construction. Hydrated lime is also widely used in the construction industry, in mortar for block laying, plastering and skim coat and whitewash applications.

Rhino Lime is a high purity Class A (chemical grade) lime, meeting Kenya and Tanzania Bureau of Standards specifications, as well as to BS-890 : 1995-CL90 specifications. Rhino Lime is available as quick lime in 1,000 kgs jumbo bags, and as hydrated lime in 25kg wpp bags.

After years of extensive research in collaboration with leading research organizations, including the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute and the USA based International Fertilizer Development Centre, Mavuno Fertilizers were introduced in 2005.

Further studies were carried out to understand soil fertility and nutrient deficiency. The findings led to the development of climate smart, soil specific and crop specific fertilizer formulations./p>

With Mavuno Fertilizers, maize yields increase from an average of 20bags (1800kgs) per acre to 35bags (3150kgs) per acre.

Today, Mavuno Fer tilizers are improving incomes for both the family and commercial farmer. They are trusted to grow healthy crops of everything from coffee, tea, rice and beans to barley, bananas, cotton and flowers.

Mavuno Fertilizers are economical because of their high yields and environmentally friendly because they help to increase nitrogen fixation and reduce soil acidity.

Mavuno fertilizers are available in 50kg, 25kg and 1kg bags.

As Chief Executive and visionary leader, Mzee Paunrana made transparency and corporate governance the hallmarks of shareholder value creation. Investors were rewarded with handsome returns, even during periods of capitalization of the company for growth.

ARM was listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange in 1997. It was one of the first listed companies to adopt a formal Corporate Governance Charter, which provides guidelines for ethical conduct by Directors, officers and employees.

Today, The Company provides regular and relevant information on market dynamics, corporate strategy and financial performance to shareholders and analysts at investor conferences around the world.

As the Company’s operations expand across international borders, management continues to hold to Mzee’s vision of transparency and good corporate governance: Trust the process to build long-term shareholder value.

The Company’s primary objective is to help improve the quality of life for all of its stakeholders. These stakeholders include people living in neighbouring communities, who don’t have access or the means to good health care.

As such, the Company operates a fully functional clinic in Kaloleni, led by the resident doctor, Dr. Andreas Meyerhold. The team also has a registered, clinical nurse, a pharmacist and lab technician. The clinic treats nearly 2,000 patients per month, mainly children but also older people, for a nominal fee of 150 shillings.

The Company also supports clinics in Athi River and other charitable hospitals and clinics in Dar es Salaam and Tanga. As well, the company sponsors dental and eye clinics in conjunction with Lions and other service organizations. Health Care shouldn’t depend on where people live.

Rhino Education Poster.jpg

To help those who will make a difference to their families and communities if given a chance is a truly rewarding experience.

To that end, the Rhino Cement Foundation sponsors 30 new high school and 20 university students each year, with full tuition, books and accommodation expenses. These are children and youngsters who are very clever but whose families can’t afford to send them for higher education. Young girls who were once looking after even younger siblings and boys who roamed the streets are now studying medicine, accounting, and engineering.

The Company’s staff plays an important role in the mentorship of the children selected for scholarships, to the mutual benefit of both. Indeed, many graduates have gone on to find management positions within the Company. Through the gif t of education comes a life full of hope and opportunity.

The Company strongly believes it is a collective and individual responsibility to protect and improve the environment in which we all live and work.

As evidence, in 2004, the Kaloleni plant was the first regional cement company to obtain an ISO 14001 certification in environmental management systems. Ever y year, the Company’s tree nursery distributes over 250, 000 tree seedlings free of cost to schools and community organizations throughout the Kenya. A similar program was recently launched in Tanzania and Rwanda.

A clean factory is a safe factor y. The Kaloleni plant is the only regional cement company to have installed an online 24/7 stack monitoring system. This system measures not only the dust particulate levels but also the air quality, as per the latest European cement industry standards.

Albert Einstein said, “Look deeper into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” The Trustees of Rhino Cement Foundation have come to this understanding. It’s why the Company grows trees around its factories and rehabilitates its quarries.

But there’s more. After all, the greatest threat to the planet is to believe someone else will save it. That’s why the Company is so proud of its staff and customers for the support they give to wildlife conservancies and National Parks.

Rhino Cement Foundation helps fund the Ngong Forest Sanctuary, the Nairobi Greenline Trust, and the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, which was recently recognized by the United Nations as World Heritage Site.

Happily, the Company’s stakeholders include employees, customers, neighbours, investors, and now a rebounding population of endangered black rhinos.

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    We are looking for talented, creative and innovative team players who are excited by the opportunity of pushing the frontiers of this company. With 5 locations in Africa ARM provides professionals with an opportunity to join an ambitious and dedicated team.

    From our end, we will stretch you and give you the opportunity to realize your maximum potential. Train you & give you the opportunity to realize your career ambitions. Reward you and give you the opportunity to realize your goals. Work with you to give back to your community.

    Our employees are a key part of our success and we believe in providing an environment where we have the opportunity to develop and challenge ourselves. We believe in allowing every member of the team to be part of our innovation process and contribute to our business.

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